Blog: 23 • Studying for Sport

The below 31 minute compilation of audio notes, from Professor (Prof.) Claude Olney’s superb Where there’s a will, there’s an “A” video series, will help those students who are motivated to fortify their study skills.


I’d be remiss if academic study strategies were left out of this High Performance Training system.  To that end, over 72 academic study strategies are given in the first 6 minutes of the above video.  Not only does Prof. Olney recommend strategies for college students, he also suggests study ways & means for high school plus middle school students in the second & third segments above.

This information was first brought to my attention way back in high school when this video series was heavily marketed.  Then, in college, I noticed the same sort of commercials being played on television.  To my demise, I did not recognize the benefit of these techniques until later on in life when I began to teach students the finer points of wrestling as a coach at the U.S. Olympic Education Center.

Not only did I recommend these academic study strategies to the student athletes I was coaching, this same information was also given to my children as they entered middle school.  I also use many of the study strategies, techniques, & tactics to this day whenever it is a must that I learn, master, & apply most principles I must teach.

If only you use 1 of the techniques that Prof. Olney recommends, you will be more effective regarding building your base of a High Performance Training game plan.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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