Blog: 24 • Studying for Sport II

This compilation of audio notes, combined with Blog: 23 • Studying for Sport, is sure to help any student who consistently applies these study strategies.  Studying is a skill YOU can master!


The above audio notes give more practical information regarding putting the pieces of the study strategies puzzle together – to more effectively master subjects.  Prior to executing successful study strategies consistently, we all must have other parts of our lives together. Some parts of our lives that could be positively adjusted and or productively adapted for change are fundamental organization, time management, goal setting (and achieving), going to all classes, & getting to know your teacher better.

Just like Blog: 23 • Studying for Sport, this blog gives many more study strategies that will help most everyone gain an advantage in the classroom and then in life.  The idea behind many of the techniques & strategies given above, is to create a system for studying that will enhance more effective habits to learn.  Learning (then applying the knowledge learned), is one of the keys to a successful life.  Once this learning system is in place, you & I have now have a High Performance Training plan for studying.

This video gives strategies for high school students & college students.  If both study strategies are used, it is possible to build emotional or psychological skills (mental skills) like confidence & self-esteem.  These 2 skills, I argue, are important for most parts of your life.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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