Blog 28: CST • Imagery

This initial imagery talk shows how the imagination can assist & control the pictures you see in your head.  These pictures can either help or hurt your ability to flourish in athletics, academics, & life.

The above featured image, Olympic Rings, conjures up athletics at the highest level or athletes competing in the Olympic Games for many folks.  The idea that a picture or an image can induce thoughts or actions is as real as the former statement.  If this is partially true, can we use imagery to our advantage?


Using your mind to help you achieve your goals is essential in sport and in life.  So, as we travel through all of our endeavors, learning how to create images that enhance our abilities is a necessity that we can master and much needed.

One challenge could be that we are unable to control our images and/or we may be using unproductive images that either stifle our growth or hinder our performances.

Once we create a plan of attack that recognizes (we might be using imagery voluntarily or involuntarily) we are actually in control of many of our thoughts, we then can use this plan and be own our way to success more consistently.

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