Blog 29: PST • Performance Planning

Performance Planning is the culmination of  Psychological Skills Training to be applied everyday in practice and at all competitions.  This plan will assist your long term athlete development for your career.

Many athletes & coaches focus their collective strategy for success in competitions on mastering physical skills that deal with: technique, tactics, and strength & conditioning.  This is very common as it should be, right?

What about the psychological side or mental training that must also be honed daily?

Let’s look at it another way…

What happens when athletes get overly anxious or tense or nervous?  Do they perform optimally or at their very best?

Or, do they freeze up and perform much less then optimal or much less than their best?

In my experience, the latter is more probable and this is the reason why performance planning encompasses Goals, Focus, Self-Talk, Imagery, & Energy Management.  These mental skills or psychological skills can be trained, combined, & executed to assist all wrestlers in meeting the results they want to achieve – if trained in an everyday fashion – just like practice.

What’s the secret to success?

Are you ready for the answer?

The secret to success is a very effective written plan that is executed and is continuously revised for improvement.  Some say, this is the essence of learning and then applying what has been learned.

Rest assured, competition breeds competition.  In other words, at most points in everyone’s life, they will be competing against others who also use effective plans or what I like to call High Performance Training plans.

Because of the last paragraph, it may make sense to start using an effective plan for success today (then execute & revise the plan) – and now you have the tools to do so!

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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