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Welcome to is a monthly video based blog that features High Performance Training strategies from Coach Shannyn Talks, the Elias George Wrestling Foundation, & more about coaching relating to long term athlete development in amateur wrestling.  (The first 7 months of this blog were provided on a weekly basis.)

New videos from are provided below each month that display some of the High Performance Training content that will help coaches, athletes, & you:

Who is Coach Shannyn?

Coach Shannyn is a Bronze level certified USA Wrestling National Coaches Education Program and American Sport Education Program coach. He has coached at the Olympic, collegiate, high school, and kids level for over 20 years plus has had considerable success at those levels using this High Performance Training process.

He also was a U.S. Olympic Education Center coach in Marquette, MI (8 years) and a resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO (2 years). To date, this feat (USOTC  coach & resident athlete) has only been accomplished by a handful of individuals in the USA.

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What is high performance training?

High performance training is an effective way to organize athletic practices, competitions, & annual plans to increase effective performance in sport.  For more on high performance training terms, click here.

What is a high performance training system?

A high performance training system is an extension of the above with the key ingredient of executing the actions consistently via a long term athlete development plan.

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