Blog 27: HPT 2 • Periodization

In this video, learn how to help athletes psychologically and physiologically consistently become ready to have their best athletic performances based on the annual plan.

Back in the 1950’s & 1960’s, the Soviet Bloc Russians and East Germans further developed Periodization to peak their athletes for the Olympic Games.  Shortly after this plan appeared to be highly effective, many of the nations inside the Iron Curtain and Eastern Europe began to emulate this type of training which is essentially training broken down into specific periods – ultimately for high performances in the Olympic Games.

The below excerpt is from the Blog Intro – High Performance Training and is a portion of the foundation for what many countries of the world, in various sports, use to train their National Teams.

“Most elite level sport programs have several training sessions per day and generally have a morning training session and another training session approximately 5 hours later. This time lag between practices allows the mind and body to fully recover and restore itself. Generally, prescribing 2 intense practices in a row is the rule while 3 intense sessions or practices in a row would be the exception. Again, the body and mind tend to recover optimally with alternating intensities and volumes during training sessions. If 3 intense sessions are planned, the next practice prescription could be a recovery session, a game, or an off session or half day.”

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