BLOG 33: The Mongolian Experience Recap

The Mongolian Experience Recap
by Shannyn Gillespie
IG: @coachshannyntalks

From June 16 – August 12, 2017, Coach Shannyn toured Mongolia as a strength & conditioning coach for both the men’s & women’s Mongolian National Freestyle Wrestling Teams.

The author has been offered to write a story about these experiences by Amateur Wrestling News to be published in their print & online subscription service in the October edition – so, this blog will serve as a promotion for that article, a video recap of sorts, & a discussion on the importance of interval training for wrestling:

Please view our YouTube page & below for the entire catalogue, synopsis of The Mongolian Experience via a video recap:

  1. Mongolian Wrestling 2017 (14 videos)
  2. Mongolian Training 2017 (18 videos)
  3. Mongolian Landscape 2017 (20 videos)
  4. Mongolian Random 2017 (9 videos)

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