A sports science approach to coaching, an e-book by Coach Shannyn

Table of Contents

Part 1 Annotations from the USOC Training Design Symposium 2007
Chapter 1 Recovery
Chapter 2 Evaluating & Monitoring of Training
Chapter 3 Overtraining: causes, recognition, prevention
Chapter 4 Peaking & Tapering
Chapter 5 Periodization of Psychological Skills Training
Chapter  6 Nutrition Periodization
Chapter  7 Creating the S&C Plan
Chapter  8 Pre-competition Phase “Creating a culture of excellence”
Chapter  9 Training Design, the Prep Periods
Chapter 10 Competitive Phase of Periodization

Part 2 Annotations from the USOC Training Design Symposium 2008
Chapter 11 Evaluation
Chapter 12 Tapering
Chapter 13 Recovery
Chapter 14 Transition & ICC
Chapter 15 Nutrition Periodization
Chapter 16 Energy Pathways
Chapter 17 Periodization – General Preparation Phase
Chapter 18 Planning for Team Sports
Chapter 19 Deterministic Models for Evaluating Performance
Chapter 19 Periodization of Psychological Skills Training
Chapter 20 Training design preparation phase

Part 3 Annotations from the USOC Development, Enhancement, & Sustainability of Expert Performance in Sport Conference 2008
Chapter 21 Toward a Science of Reproducibly Superior Performance
Chapter 22 Principles for the Development of Skilled Actions – Implications for Training in Athletics
Chapter 23 Identifying Critical Performance Features & Prioritizing Feedback
Chapter 24 Sport Psychology
Chapter 25 Anticipation Skills
Chapter 26 Practice & Instruction in Sport – Challenging Tradition
Chapter 27 Panel of Experts

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