Blog 26: HPT-PST Day 3: Advanced Focus

Distractions are the enemy of success…  Learn how to eliminate bad calls, bad images, and other distractions that stop you from achieving your goals.  Focus helps you reach your potential by streamlining your ability to keep your eye on the prize of success.

The Psychological Skill of Focus, as the above video and intro point out, is one of the keys to successful execution of most physical & mental skills.  To be certain, what ever you focus on, you get.  To illustrate that point, here are 2 examples:

  • A referee gives you a bad call and you are unable to let that distraction go
  • A coach says something that upsets you and you are unable to let that distraction go

In both examples just given, you (or any athlete) has the power to concentrate on the tasks at hand i.e. primary goals and process to complete goal(s).  If the distractions are not “let go”, the distractions become the primary focal point (the new primary goal) and are likely to be the sole concentration point of you or any athlete – which makes it much more difficult to accomplish the original primary goal because the distractions interrupt the process of achieving or pursuing the original goal.

Letting go (which could be an entire video itself) is a way to re-focus on your main goal and not let any distraction affect you negatively.  To let go, in this case, means to ignore the distraction as if it did not occur.

The opposite of not letting go (again, in this case), is to let negative vibes, ideas, things distract you from your primary goals or tasks to be executed or completed.

In other words, the distraction itself (whatever it may be) becomes your focus, primary goal or task, & mission.  Many times, when the distraction becomes the new goal, athletes tend to become mentally & emotionally upset, off their game, or less motivated (or a combination of all…).

After listening to the above audio blog (and viewing Blog 9: PST: Focus), you may be better equipped to eliminate distractions during your performances.  I say ‘may’  because it is always your choice – which is largely based on your motivation to learn, develop, & grow using tools like this High Performance Training blog to master your emotions, mental state, & mind…

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