Lynx Hanging With the Lambs
November 30, 2016

By Lincoln College Student Athlete Gabriel Rangel

LC students Brie Arrara (l) & Jaimie Valdez (r) with Little Lambs Learning Center students.

This week on Tuesday & Wednesday, 20 students from Lincoln College (LC) took part in a community service day at the Little Lambs Learning Center (Lincoln, IL) and participated with the children at the center who ranged from ages 2-5. LC students played with them on the playground and in the classrooms doing things like playing monster, chasing them around, playing in the sand with them, and helping them with the playground equipment.

This was a great opportunity for LC students to get involved in the community and make the little kids happy; just being there and playing with them put the biggest smile on their little faces. Making them happy and making their day was the LC goal, but the students left touched by the impact made on the kids and are excited to go back again soon!

Lincoln College is a private, independent liberal arts college located in Lincoln, Illinois. For more than 150 years Lincoln College has been uniquely empowering students to realize their full potential.  For more information about Lincoln College, please view

 Little Lambs Learning Center has been serving the families of the Lincoln community since 1982 and is a ministry of Our team of directors led by Gretchen Jones has over 30 years of service right here at Little Lambs Learning Center. We have been honored to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many children in our community through the years.  For more information about Little Lambs Learning Center, please view

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