The benefits of drilling

Shyla Iokia drilling with her Chinese partner during the U.S. Olympic Education Center/China training camp MI, USA 2007

Drilling is one of the most important aspects of training because you can increase your anaerobic & aerobic capacity, while reviewing or learning a skill. Many folks think that live action is the best way to learn or train. While live action or wrestling is an essential part of training the mind/body, drilling is the foundation that creates a base where everyone can review, learn, and get in shape.

You should drill or over learn all of your skills. Because this may be a large amount for many of you, it is essential to plan your attack. During the season, good coaches and teachers have a lesson plan that guides them and you through the year. Now, during preseason, you may be on your own in terms of creating the best case scenario or plan. The most basic skills of wrestling need to be drilled daily. Some of which are: stance, motion, level change, penetration step, lifts, back steps, back arch, sprawls, & hip-hiests. That list names a few skills…there are many more basic skills or other skills to be drilled. For starters, you should have a take down series, an escape series, a pin series & a variety of counter series for top, bottom, and neutral.

You should drill your series of moves with intention of executing them in a match. This seems simple. But, how many times have you drilled moves you’ve rarely used in matches. Drilling with a purpose should include high percentage moves executed correctly. You must drill the moves correctly or it is purposeless. Again, to be the best you can be, it is a good idea to drill your series of high percentage moves repetitiously (with options, alternate endings, and increasing pressure from your opponent) over and over again. At some point, before you start drilling, find out the correct, high percentage way your moves or series of moves are executed either from a coach, instructional video, or video of world-national-state- finals matches. It is essential to drill with a purpose.

Mental drilling is also a good way to learn and over learn skills. This implies using your mind as supplementing and complementing your physical drilling. If you can close your eyes and see/picture anything in your mind or count in your head or remember your last victory or defeat, you can drill in your mind. It is not hard…in fact it is easier and faster than physically drilling. Again, you must drill mentally and physically to be the best you can be. You may increase the volume of repetitions as well. Initially mentally drill your moves in lower repetitions increasing the numbers as you can confidence. Seeing yourself execute anything in your mind before you physically execute reinforces confidence and helps you learn quicker, effectively, & efficiently.

Master your skills by drilling repetitiously while building your confidence and you will become a better student-athlete.

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