Blog 3 – Drugs & Alcohol

Blog 3 – Drugs & Alcohol

The choice to drink alcohol in the USA is generally a choice legally made by those who are 21 years of age and older for pleasure or for other related reasons.  The choice to use non-prescription or prescription drugs is generally a choice made by those seeking some sort of remedy for a sickness, pain, allergies or to cure some other maladaptive health related ailment.  Many in the USA and abroad also use drugs & alcohol to escape from reality and or to perform better in sports.  The below video touches on Coach Shannyn‘s experiences with both drugs & alcohol to help others who may be seeking answers to how & why both should be used with caution.

The choice to use drugs or alcohol for an escape, pain, or pleasure has been taken by many athletes and may actually hamper or hinder performance in the long run.  Coaches & athletes must consider ethics, morality, & the legalities prior to using drugs & alcohol especially when trying to train to reach their full potential in sport.  Based on Coach Shannyn’s experience, he believes there are other ways & means for athletes to reach their full potential in sport and in life via high performance training like planning, mastering sport psychology, mastering sport specific skills, & mastering the basics of strength & conditioning.  That list is not complete but is a starter for those seeking the highest levels in sport that may also parallel the highest levels in many other endeavors.

There may be large carry-over value to high performance training in sport and in life.  Coach Shannyn suggests that once athletes & coaches master the basics of high performance training for sport, these same principles can be applied to life.  Some of the high performance training carry-over skills include goal setting, taking massive action, learning from mistakes, learning personal strengths & weaknesses, effective communication, teamwork, & overcoming adversity.  This list, again, is not all-inclusive – but will give many athletes seeking to reach their full potential a head-start on achieving success.

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