Blog 7: Competition stress

Competition stress

Doubt, fear, & stress are all forms of competition stress that can be managed then channeled into usable, productive energy.  Saori Yoshida, in the above photo, was one of the best at turning competition stress into fuel as she won 3 Olympic Gold medals & 13 World Championship Gold medals.  In the below video, learn strategies to consistently control your nervousness for High Performance Training.

One of the ways that athletes can learn how to effectively deal with competition stress is to study, master, & apply what I like to call the basics of PST or psychological skills training which include and are not limited to Imagery & Self-Talk.  PST can be executed on an ongoing basis just like physical training or sport specific training.

Several years ago, I put together self-help videos to help athletes & coaches alike  discover, learn, then master the basics of High Performance Training via the Elias George Wrestling Foundation website.  Here, you will find a comprehensive & systematic plan for success in our great sport.

One of the challenges that was brought to me by coaches & athletes is the amount of time, energy, & work that needs to be done to become successful in our sport.  My answer to this challenge is is in the form of a question:

What does it take to be great at anything?

The short answer is planning, action, patience, perseverance, & desire.

A longer answer to that rhetorical question is spelled out here.

Dealing with and overcoming competition stress so that you or your athletes can perform at the highest level consistently is what most of the Coach Shannyn Blog and High performance Training are all about.  To that end, you have the power to learn, master, then apply strategies to effectively use competition stress to your advantage.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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