Blog 14: Pre-competition Routine

Not only should you prepare your body for competitions, you should also prepare your mind.  It may be wise to also plan for obstacles or the unplanned.  In this video, learn & master this skill plus be ready for anything.

The above photo displays Coach Shannyn working with 2 younger wrestlers on the details on success for a specific component.  All athletes – in all age groups plus genders – can learn & master a pre-competition routine that is appropriate for their specific development level.

Overtime, this skill will become apart of everyday training and will be “routine” similar to warming-up, competing, cooling down, stretching, & re-fueling.  In the last sentence, athletes could add a pre-competition routine prior to warming-up that might include: self-talk, imagery, a mental & physical checklist review, & perhaps a review of how & why they are successful in athletic competitions.

Once athletes begin to initiate an ongoing High Performance Training system, that is implemented by the coach and includes many of the topics contained in these Blogs, they may be closer to reaching & attaining their process plus outcome goals for athletic competitions which may have a high carry-over value for many endeavors in life.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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