Blog 15: Imagery

Do you ever wonder what the champions are consistently thinking about?  Thinking, is an advanced form of imagery.  Learn how to apply high performance imagery strategies that help you perform in the below video.

Some of the basics of imagery that are discussed in the above video are using the senses or the 5 senses most of us use to imagine doing things whether they are productive or unproductive.  Below are examples of both productive & unproductive uses of imagery.

Two imagery examples prior to stepping on the wrestling mat:

  1. Thinking confident, excited, productive emotions i.e. ready to compete
  2. Thinking frightful, nervous, unproductive emotions i.e. not ready to compete.

Because you can control many of your thoughts that lead to actions, the video points out several ways & means to get your mind in the right frame to execute more productive imagery.  Two examples of this strategy are practicing (months, weeks, & days prior) self-talk and creating a pre-competition routine.  Both of these tactics likely will help most of us – if persistently trained, practiced, & conditioned.

Towards the end of the above video, 2 other examples are given on how to start or begin to notice your own imagery.  The examples are given to suggest everyone has the capacity to control imagery whether they believe it or not.  The challenge for some is to believe they can control their own imagery – then gradually use imagery to gain an extreme advantage over prior or previous athletic experiences they have had.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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