Blog 18: Cutting weight

Why do wrestlers and other weight class sports cut weight?  The answer could be to gain a strength advantage.  In this video, learn how to maintain your weight consistently while strengthening your skills.

Some say weight class sport athletes (wrestling, judo, MMA, boxing, weight lifting, etc.) cut weight to gain a physical strength advantage.  It has been proven that athletes can also gain a physical strength advantage with a very effective diet and a mastery of sport specific skills plus sport psychology.

The mind is generally what drives all of our decisions and I argue strongly that many weight class sport athletes first need to believe that going up a weight class as they grow is okay – if the protocols outlined in this blog are implemented.  It must be re-emphasized that coaches, athletes, & parents must, at the very least, understand that time spent on mastering & applying the basics of sport and mind plus strength & conditioning will assist athletes growth & development.

To be certain, strength plays a large factor in growth & development of the mind, muscles, & wrestling technique.  Wrestlers do have the ability to get stronger mentally & physically if they are willing to put in the smart effort (these blogs will help).  When wrestlers get stronger mentally & physically, wrestling technique actually becomes more effective and the ceiling of potential is much higher.

That written, and to again emphasize the other factors that will help most athletes grow into different weight classes, we all must remind ourselves that the variable that allows most people to get stronger in most endeavors starts with the mind (belief).

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