Blog 19: PST: Energy Management

How you use your energy affects your readiness state or consistent high performances during training and competitions. Learn the strategies to apply optimal energy levels on demand.


This is the fifth Psychological Skills Training video is the PST series provided by EGWF and  And, at some point, many athletes may encounter moments when they are either too excited, nervous, or lethargic that negatively impact competition performances.  What then, could a coach do to counter these emotions or feelings?  What could an athlete do to prepare for this inevitable emotional outcome that does come up in competitions and training (especially if it is consistently negatively impacting competition performances)?

An answer is to practice using PST and or learn how to combat unwanted feelings or emotions during practice & competitions.  Throughout this blog and in these e-books, A sports science approach to coaching & Coaching wrestling in the 21st century, I  explain a model that all athletes and coaches can use to enhance high performance training which includes daily practice, learning, then mastering (among other ideas) psychological skills training.

The above video gives several examples of how controlling one’s energy levels could lead to more effective & productive training plus competition performance.  But what if an athlete or coach already has very productive energy management skills?

An answer to that question suggests that if you (or anyone) can get better at anything, should they?  Or, doesn’t it make sense to get better at most things in life and continue to progress by sharpening your blade consistently?  I argue that is what practice and training are for.  I also support the Tony Robbins idea of constant and never ending improvement in all areas of life whether it’s in the classroom, wrestling room, socially, or anywhere.

You (and I) are in control of our emotions, thoughts, & feelings which ultimatley can impact energy management in the most productive ways & means possible.  By learning the strategies suggested above in the video, you may have a better opportunity to understand then apply these psychological skills that give you a competitive edge.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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