Blog 20: HPT-PST Day 6: Advanced Energy Management

Emotional intelligence, emotional control, & emotional discipline are all forms of managing your energy.  When this energy management skill is applied consistently, you control your destiny.  The below video gives you more ways & means to apply the skill of energy management.

In the above video, 2 strategies are given to help you or anyone productively deal with the anxiety, nervousness, and/or real or imagined anxiety or nervousness at a compettion:

  1. Self-talk example with imagery
  2. Self-talk with written down goals & review

These examples will help if the intention of a motivated user is to get help, overcome their fears (anxiety or nervousness) and used consistently.

The challenge I have witnessed, is many athletes try a strategy after practicing it maybe 1-2 times and expect their collective fears to be solved.  As is pointed out in How to use EGWF, many consistent hours of practice time must be applied to actually become better or closer to an expert in most endeavors.  Think about tying your shoe or learning to ride a bike or doing most anything with your non-dominant hand.  In the last example(s) you may have began to see that many things worthwhile take time, effort, & persistency to master, learn, or apply.

Ultimately, all of the High Performance Training strategies may work if you or I want them to work, are motivated for positive/productive change, & use them consistently.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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