Blog 30: HPT-PST Day 7: Performance Planning

Using all of the HPT – Psychological Skills Training consistently to perform is called Performance Planning.  In this version of Performance Planning, learn how to use the very important skill of a recovery routine to recover from adversity.


In a nutshell, a recovery routine or a recovery plan is a well thought out strategy to help you deal with unplanned events.

What unplanned events can happen at a competition?

Here is a list of some of the unplanned events that have happened to me or athletes I have coached:

  • Re-paired bracket
  • Competition bus leaves you
  • Lights go out
  • Electricity goes out & stops your match
  • Tournament is delayed
  • Bad call by referee
  • Lost match
  • Losing streak
  • Feeling pressure to win
  • Competition venue too cold
  • Competition venue too hot

How do you deal with these unplanned events and still compete at a high level?

The main point for a recovery plan/routine is to apply a systematic strategy to deal with unplanned stress (adversity) that disrupts productive performance(s).

To learn more about recommended recovery plan strategies, please view the above video.

You can also learn more about High Performance Training right now at the below links:

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